Relationships – Not as Simple as That

Join us for a thought-provoking symposium celebrating ESSB Faculty's 60th birthday, in collaboration with Cedo Nulli! Dive into the fascinating realm of relationships with our lineup of dynamic speakers, tailored to enrich your understanding of attachment styles, intimacy, and the crucial journey of self-discovery.

Speaker Spotlight 

"Unraveling Attachment Styles: A Conversation with Psychology Podcaster Marissa van der Sluis"

Embark on an illuminating interview-style discussion with a seasoned podcaster, unraveling the complexities of attachment styles and their impact on relationships. Get ready for a dialogue that will deepen your understanding of the dynamics that shape our relationships.

“Navigating Intimacy: Workshop led by Zeynep Sadun”

Participate in an interactive workshop-style session, delving into the essential components of intimacy: boundaries and consent. Learn practical strategies for fostering respectful and fulfilling relationships while honoring personal boundaries and ensuring consent. Engage in meaningful discussions and leave equipped with tools to cultivate intimacy in a respectful and empowering manner.

"Rediscovering Authenticity: Revealing Layers of Identity with Linda Coussement"

Ever feel like you're living someone else's life? Our last speaker delves into the profound influence of childhood experiences on shaping our identity. Discover the risks of losing touch with our true selves and embark on a journey towards authenticity and fulfillment. Don't miss this insightful exploration into the essence of who we truly are.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey towards deeper connections and personal growth!

Date: May 3

Venue: Sanders 0-03

All ESSB students: free

Lots of love,

The Psychology Committee