Dear Members,

The MIPAS Committee is ready to kick off the year! With our first event we already want to spice things up by organizing a Pub Debate with a special twist! We will present several statements in the format of ‘Cross the line’, and after that we will have several debates on these topics.
You can express your view on social issues, improve your debating skills or talk with Cedo members on current world affairs. Through this debate you broaden your perspective! 
The event will start at 19:30 and the ‘Cross the line’ will start at 20:00.

To give you a little sneak peek, here are a few statements to warm you up! 
Would you rather end world hunger OR war?
Would you rather get subsidy for being vegan OR pay taxes for eating meat?
Would you rather be the son/daughter of Trump OR Putin?

We hope to see all of you expressing your view and heat up this debate!

The MIPAS Committee