Social Sciences Career Week (SSCW) Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing the Social Sciences Career Week. They look for companies and speakers which are interesting for the (future) careers of the ESSB students. This wil result in a week of activities such as workshops, skills trainings and inspiring speakers. Stay updated about the week through their website ( or send an email to

Board Supervisors: Romy Hardiek & Jeffrey van der Mark


  • Jelmer Landeweerd

    Jelmer Landeweerd


  • Zofia Scattergood

    Zofia Scattergood


  • Eva Versloot

    Eva Versloot


  • Dominique van der Kolk

    Dominique van der Kolk

    commissioner of Marketing

  • Emil Grabowski

    Emil Grabowski

    Commissioner of Non-Commercial Relations

  • Daan Driever

    Daan Driever

    Commissioner of Commercial Relations

  • Sanne Hoogakker

    Sanne Hoogakker

    Commissioner of Commercial Relations

  • Lars Kranenburg

    Lars Kranenburg

    Commissioner of Commercial Relations