Psychology Committee

Psychology, an amazing field of research, but can get a bit dry understandably. Well, this commitee is entirely dedicated to bringing Psychology to life through a variety of events for psychology-students. We offer you seminars, workshops, (pub)lectures and more! The Psychology Committee is here to help you view your program through a new lens!

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Board Supervisor: Jowie Poon


  • Zuzana Kohoutová

    Zuzana Kohoutová


  • Yi van der Vlies

    Yi van der Vlies


  • Sára Harnett

    Sára Harnett

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Adrian-Mihai Vîlcu

    Adrian-Mihai Vîlcu


  • Aleksandra  Piejko

    Aleksandra Piejko

    Commissioner of External Relations