Career Orientation Committee

The Career Orientation Committee organizes all kinds of activities concentrating on your life after finishing your studies, such as a LinkedIn Training or a company diner. This year they'll be organizing the first Business Trip! These activities are relevant for all students of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. 

You can contact us at:

Board Supervisor: Romy Hardiek


  • Rania Nagim

    Rania Nagim


  • Eshita Batra

    Eshita Batra


  • Gijs Frijlink

    Gijs Frijlink


  • Artemiy Bolotov

    Artemiy Bolotov

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Ecenur Korkmaz

    Ecenur Korkmaz

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Annelou Haring

    Annelou Haring

    Commissioner of External Relations