Lustrum Committee

This year we will be celebrating the 45th birthday of Cedo Nulli, making it the 9th Lustrum year! In a Lustrum year, such as this one, we celebrate every five years instead of the annual Dies Natalis. During this time, the Lustrum Committee organises various activities throughout the year, so, get ready for an exciting year ahead filled with fantastic events! 

Board Supervisor: Maartje van Houwelingen


  • Annefleur Houweling

    Annefleur Houweling


  • Kirana Hoogenbosch

    Kirana Hoogenbosch


  • Lise Botterhuis

    Lise Botterhuis


  • Steven Harvey

    Steven Harvey

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Lara Wiechmann

    Lara Wiechmann

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Luana Valdes

    Luana Valdes

    Commissioner of External Relations