Creativity Committee

Books, articles, papers and deadlines. These are things every student hates but has to deal with and they produce stress. Luckily, student life doesn’t exist of only these things. The Creativity Committee is there to help students rewind. Five committee members take care of all the relaxing experiences throughout the year. This committee will organise events related to creating art, seeing art and to promote well-being through art.

Board supervisor: Fieke Lips


  • Lieke Flikkema

    Lieke Flikkema


  • Lana Van Dongen

    Lana Van Dongen


  • Melody Mandato

    Melody Mandato


  • Liselotte Schapers

    Liselotte Schapers

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Carla Sanchez

    Carla Sanchez

    Commissioner of External Relations