Inclusivity and Diversity Committee

The Inclusivity and Diversity Committee is a new committee. This committee will focus on organising events related to various topics that are relevant in today's society, like pride and cultural differences. As a member of this committee you get a chance to keep yourself and our members involved with social issues and create educative as well as recreational events. Are you a people's person and engaged with all things happening in the world? This might be the committee for you! As this is a new committee, don't hesitate to approach the Board with any questions. 

Board Supervisor: Jeffrey van der Mark


  • Levana Ognean

    Levana Ognean


  • Michael Pieters

    Michael Pieters


  • Oliver Horrocks

    Oliver Horrocks


  • Marit Van Eijk

    Marit Van Eijk

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Elen Movsisyan

    Elen Movsisyan

    Commissioner of External Relations