Activities September '18


Take a look at our activities in the upcoming month!

The Cedo Office is open again!
From Monday September 3rd, the Office (T15-03) is open to anyone who wants to stop by! Our opening hours are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM (on Tuesdays from 12:00 PM). 

We have free coffee and good conversation, but if you're not looking for either, we also have a gamecube, or a couch you can take a nap on!

Committee Applications & Committee Interest Drink (September 20th) 
Would you like to be extra involved with Cedo Nulli the upcoming year? Do you want to to get to know new people and are you willing to spend some extra time in organising fun, study and/or career related activities or trips next to your study? Apply for a spot in one of our committees! You can read all about the different committees in the committee information booklet. Join our committee interest drink at Café Stalles on September 20th from 05:00 PM and have a chat with the new board and old committee members!

You can apply by filling out the form (on our website) before Friday September 21st 11:59 PM. Based on your motivation, we will contact you for an interview.

September 6th: Heartbeat Festival
To start the academic year in a festive way, the Erasmus University Rotterdam organises the Heartbeat Festival in the first week of the academic year. This event is a well-known concept as this year will be the 6th edition! All students, employees and alumni of the EUR are invited. 

September 7th: The General Assembly
On the 7th of September we will have the General Assembly. This is a meeting where all the members of Cedo Nulli are invited to share their opinion and ask questions about the policy of the Board. The 33rd Board will report everything they did this year and after that the 34th F. T.  Board will present the policy plan they made during the summer. Do you really want to contribute something to our association? Or are you curious about the plans of the new Board? Make sure you join the General Assembly on the 7th of September.  The official invite has been sent, if you have not received it yet, send an email to 

September 10th: NMUN + Interest Evening
Are you interested in discussing global issues, courageous enough (or would like to be) to speech in front of hundreds of people, motivated to develop your diplomatic and negotiating skills and eager to visit Washington D.C. and New York? Then we would like to invite you to participate in the world’s largest simulation of the United Nations, National Model United Nations (NMUN)!

Each year Cedo Nulli participates on behalf of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) in NMUN’s New York conference. Our delegation of fourteen highly motivated students will represent a UN Member State during the conference and interact with students from all over the world. Over the course of six months, students will hone their skills under the guidance of two experienced former delegates and numerous guest speakers.
We are looking for EUR students from the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences with a background in Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogical Sciences, or Management of International Social Challenges (MISOC) to join this once in a lifetime experience.
Preparations for the simulation in New York consist of weekly trainings on Tuesday evenings. We will discuss topics like ‘what are the functions and powers of the UN’ and ‘how can we best represent our (yet unknown) Member State’? Acquiring practical skills in lobbying, negotiating, public speaking and resolution writing will form the largest part of the preparation process. These skills are extremely beneficial for any student within the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Science.
Do you still have questions about NMUN, or do you simply want to know more about the application process? Attend the NMUN Interest Evening on Monday 10th of September 2018 in T3-13 (Mandeville Building) from 7:00 - 8:00 PM! Afterwards we will have a drink in Café in de Smitse, where you can get to know the trainers.

You can always reach us via e-mail at! We will respond to all your questions as quickly as we can.

September 10th: Freshmen Meet-up
During the Eurekaweek and during the first week of your study, you probably met a lot of your fellow students. To get to know each other better, Cedo Nulli organises a freshmen drink on Monday September 10th at Grand Café de Dijk  from 8:00 PM. Bring all your fellow students and toast to the beginning of your student life!

September 13th: Lustrum Kick-Off Party!
So summer is almost over, and a new year at university is about to begin. Though this means that soon you'll have to wake up early and focus on studying again, it also means that Cedo Nulli will kick off a year full of activities! And what is a better way to kick off the year by having an insane party? Once more, we'll be throwing an epic opening party to start the year in good spirits!

The party will start at 10:00 PM in Café 't Fust and will go on till deep into the night. If you want to join us, please attend on the Facebook event so you will get a spot on the guest list. No Facebook? Contact! You can attend on Facebook until September 14th 5:00 PM.

September 17th: Excursie naar de Kijvelanden (Dutch speaking Only)
Forensisch Psychiatrisch Centrum de Kijvelanden is een organisatie (TBS-kliniek) die zich richt op forensische psychiatrie. Ze behandelen mensen met een psychiatrische stoornis waarbij een TBS maatregel is opgelegd. Het doel van de behandeling is het verkleinen van de kans dat een patiënt opnieuw een delict pleegt.

Tijdens deze excursie krijgen we eerst een presentatie over terbeschikkingstelling (TBS) en daarna een exclusieve rondleiding door de kliniek. Het is dus heel interessant voor psychologiestudenten!

Ben je geïnteresseerd? Het inschrijvingsmoment is op 3 september om 20:00. Stuur dan een mailtje naar ! Er is maar een beperkt aantal plekken, dus wees er snel bij. Wie het eerst komt, wie het eerst maalt!

September 21st: Aloha Alumni Drink
Aangezien het waterthema de vorige borrel goed bevallen is, zetten we dit gewoon door! En hoe beter dan in het oude (en beruchte) zwembad Tropicana? Inmiddels zit hier de Alohabar, een borrelplek met een prachtig uitzicht over de stad. Wat ons betreft de perfecte plek om het jaar met jullie af te sluiten!

Zowel oude als nieuwe Alumni zijn welkom. Voor nieuwe Alumni zullen we inschrijfformulieren meenemen.

September 25th: Cedo Playground
In the mood for some fun games to get your mind off the start of this academic year? Come relax with us on the 25th of September. We will make sure that there is plenty of food, beers and other drinks, and fun games to play together.

ALSO, there will be a special focus on a game called LEVEND STRATEGO. If you don’t know how this game works, we will explain it to you when you’re there! The game is about chasing others, defending your flag, strategic thinking, and above all TEAM WORK!

Come by for a relaxing afternoon!