Activiteiten februari


Lees snel verder over de activiteiten die in Februari door Cedo Nulli zullen worden georganiseerd!

10 februari: Cedo Carnaval @ Kielegat 
It’s almost February and every Dutch southerner know what that means: CARNAVAL!

For everyone that isn’t familiar with carnaval, in short: it’s getting shit faced for five days straight. Unfortunately, with Cedo Nulli, we will only go one day but feel free to go with your friends any of the other days. Carnaval will start on the 8th of February and will end on the 12th.

Keep in mind that you dress up in a (weird) costume, otherwise you will be the odd one out if you show up dressed normally.
We will keep you posted on the departure times from Rotterdam Central station, so save the date: 10th of February.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

12 februari: Experience your Future | 16:30 -21:00 @ C1-1 C1-2 C1-4 
Are you wondering what your possibilities are at the Erasmus University for your psychology master? Together with SPS NIP, Cedo Nulli organizes an event aimed at those who are still searching for the right masters program: Experience Your Future! During this event, you will be able to hear about the different master programs the ESSB offers. There will also be an information market with, amongst others, AIESEC.

Interested in Experience Your Future? Sign up through this link: 

13 februari: Monthly Drink #4 | 20:00 @ Stalles
5 weeks into the new year, and hopefully you are still fully charged and ready to go. Since the first block of 2018 has passed, it is time to drink some beers/drinks with each other. So, bring your friends and lets enjoy an evening filled with nothing related to university!

15 februari: Interfaculty Gala | 22:00 @ Eethiek
* Unfortunately, all Cedo Nulli gala tickets are sold * 
Do you feel like dancing the night away? Perhaps with the love of your life? Sipping unlimited drinks all night long? A night with no worries, but just fun? This dream might come true, on the 15th of February 2018 the Interfaculty Gala will take place. You are cordially invited to come to this gala.

19 februari: Landelijk Sociologie Congres | 12:00 @ Academiegebouw Universiteit Utrecht

Identiteit; recentelijk een veel besproken en bediscussieerd onderwerp. Maar wat is identiteit nu precies? Welke aspecten komen samen om je identiteit te vormen, hoeveel keuze heb je in je identiteit en wat voor rol speelt het in je leven? Dit alles en nog meer kan je te weten komen tijdens het Landelijke Sociologie Congres 2018!

In drie verschillende rondes zal je kennis maken met diverse dimensies van het fenomeen identiteit: persoonlijke identiteit, Nederlandse identiteit en Europese identiteit! Ook zal er een mastermarkt zijn, waar masters van verschillende universiteiten in Nederland aan mee doen. Perfect om je te oriënteren voor een mogelijke vervolgstudie.

Zes sprekers gaan in drie rondes verhaal houden over de verscheidene vormen van identiteit en hoe we hier naar kunnen kijken. Onder de sprekers bevinden zich: Rogier van Reekum, Khalid Boutachekourt en Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld.

Koop nu je ticket voor de meest interessante sociologie-lezingen van het jaar! Een ticket voor leden van deelnemende studieverenigingen kost 5,- euro, en voor niet-leden 6,- euro.

De ticketverkoop is open! Ben je lid van een van de organiserende verenigingen? Koop dan je ticket via Ben je geen lid, dan kun je een ticket kopen via

20 februari: MIPAS symposium 'Three dimensional poverty' | ... @ EUR 
Poverty and inequality exist everywhere in the world and the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. But is poverty actually the same everywhere in the world? How do the trends of tackling poverty change? And how can social science offer a solution for international poverty?

In this symposium, Stijn Daenekindt (postdoctoral researcher from the Sociology department), Geske Dijkstra (endowed professor of governance and global development) and a mystery guest will answer these questions!

Since poverty isn’t just an issue in the Netherlands but all over the world, this event will be held in English.

23 februari: SSPN Psychology Congress | 13:00 @ de Uithof, Utrecht
Together with all the Psychology study associations in the Netherlands, Stichting Studieverenigingen Psychologie Nederland (SSPN) has organised the National Psychology Congress on the 23rd of February. This year, diverse themes will be highlighted in the form of TED Talks. The congress will be opened by the Vrije Universteit’s favorite Work and Organisational Psychology professor: Kilian Wawoe. Following the opening, three subjects will be discussed: 

- Gender differences in forensic psychiatry by Vivienne de Vogel
- Clinical Psychology by Utrecht’s Haza Rahim
- The newest technological developments in psychological research by University of Twente’s Peter Slijkhuis.

Because of the many topics that will be covered during this congress, there will be something interesting for everyone. All these relevant subjects, covered by universities’ favorites from across the country, will make the congress an incredibly informative and inspiring event. 

You can walk in from 13:00 till 13:30. Make sure you are on time, because the opening will be at 13:30. The readings will be finished at around 16:00, afterwards you can join us and the professors in the university’s hall to have a drink and some appetizers. 

Tickets are now available via Be quick, because there are only 150 spots!

27 februari: Pedagogische Wetenschappen Symposium 
Op 27 februari zal de Pedagogische Wetenschappen commissie hun symposium organiseren rondom het thema stress. De precieze invulling van het thema zal binnenkort bekend worden gemaakt op Facebook, dus houd de Cedo Nulli Facebook in de gaten!