Activiteiten april


Lees hier over de activiteiten die in april plaats zullen vinden!

9 april: Praktijkavond NVO | 19:15 - 21:15 
Beste toekomstige pedagogen,

Wil jij weten wat jouw beroepsmogelijkheden zijn, oriënteren welke richting je gaat kiezen, praktijkervaringen horen of heb jij gewoon interesse in de beroepsvereniging voor pedagogen? Lees dan zeker verder!

De NVO, de Nederlandse vereniging van pedagogen en onderwijskundigen, is een beroepsvereniging voor (ortho)pedagogen en onderwijskundigen. Waarom registreren bij NVO? Geregistreerde leden hebben veel voordelen, bijvoorbeeld een sterkere positie op de arbeidsmarkt.

Speciaal voor studenten pedagogische wetenschappen aan de EUR is er een mooie kans om in informele setting meer informatie te krijgen over onder andere de beroepsmogelijkheden, praktijkervaring of de registratie. 

LET OP! Wil jij hier graag bij zijn? Meld je aan via de link op de hoofdpagina van Eduweb!
[Aanmelden kan vanaf 19 maart] 

Schrijf je in voor 3 van de 5 domeinen: Jeugdzorg, Gehandicaptenzorg, Onderwijs, Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg en Gezinspedagogiek.
Wij proberen je 1e en 2e keuze te honoreren.

19.15 – 19.30: Inloop, aanmelden en indeling
19.30 – 20.10: Ronde 1
20.20 – 21.00: Ronde 2

10 april: International Pub Lecture | 19:00 - 22:00 @ De Dijk
All of you know our professors in their working environment, but have you ever wanted to meet an international professor more personally? If so, Cedo Nulli gives you the chance to do so!

On the 10th of April, you are all invited to enjoy a drink at De Dijk while you get to know more about working and living as an international professor in the Netherlands.
The professors that will be joining us are Clinical Psychology professor Matthias Wieser from Germany and Jennifer Holland, an American professor for empirical sociology.

Are there any questions you've always wanted to ask an international professor about living and working here? If yes, send a message to the Facebook page of Cedo Nulli and we will make sure that your questions will be answered.

11 april: Nostalgic Sportday | 20:00 @ The Hague 
Do you miss those good old days where you would only worry about whether you could play or not? We sure do! Unfortunately, it's not in our power to teleport us back in time (boooo), but what we can do is to bring a little bit from the past to the present! 

We proudly present: the nostalgic sportday! Come join us at this event and relive all your childhood (physical education) memories! Do you want to play dodgeball? You can! You want to play all-time favorite 'apenkooien'? YOU CAN!!! 

This is YOUR chance to partake in all those amazing primary (and secondary) school activities. If you want to join, please email us at This is to offer us an overview of how many of you will be there. Keep an eye on the Cedo Nulli Facebook for more information.

12 april: Board Information Meeting #2 | 12:00 @ T5-111
Since the first Board Information Meeting occurred and because some of you weren't able to be present, we will organize a second information meeting! During this meeting you will get a case for each board function. Furthermore, we will give you more information regarding the application procedure and some extra information.

So, make sure to be present at this meeting because you will get more insights in what a board year consists of!

Also, this time the Treasurer and the Education Officer will be present, so if you still have some questions for them, this is an excellent moment to ask them.

18 april: Special General Assembly | 19:00 @ T3-29 
On April 18th, we will have a Special General Assembly because some changes need to be made in the regulations of the association. These changes need to be accepted by the General Assembly, which is why there will be two extra assemblies. As a member of Cedo Nulli, you are invited to join and to vote in favour or against the changes. If you are not a committee member and you would like to receive the documents for this General Assembly, you can send an email to 

21 april: Parent Day | 09:00 - 17:00 @ Campus EUR
On the 21st of April, Cedo Nulli will be organizing the Parent Day for freshmen students! On this amazing day, you and your parents are invited to join a lecture and a tutorial group of your study. 

The day will start at 10:00, will end at 15:00 and will take place on the Erasmus Campus. It'll cost €5,00 per person to sign up, which will include a lunch on campus.

Didn't sign up yet? The deadline to sign up is today (April 1st), so please make sure to do so! You can sign up by one of the three links below, depending on with how many you'll be attending:

We hope to see you and your parents on the 21st of April!


23 april: Kick-Off | 16:00 - 19:30 @ Kraft Café & Boudewijn
Are you ready for THE BIRTHDAY of the year? We are!! Let’s get the Dies-week started the right way! On Monday the 23th of April we would like to welcome you at 16.00h at Kraftbar to have some specialty beers with us. The theme is the colour of the sweet nectar of the Gods, which is yellow as beer of course. So make sure to dress accordingly! Around 18.00 we will have a delicious meal at Boudewijn (which is a 200 meter walk from Kraftbar). If you would like to join this meal, please subscribe yourself before April 16 and for the low price of only €11,55 you’ll have a great dinner with us. You can sign up via the link. Please mention your dinner of choice in the comment box.

24 april: Bubbelvoetbal | 15:00 @ Kralingse Bos
Are you ready for a fun sports activity? On Tuesday, we organise a really cool bubble football game. Gather a team with 3 other friends and climb into the bubbleball!! The theme of this week is Colour your Dies. After gathering your team, we will assign your team a colour. It is important that each team shows up wearing shirts in their assigned colours. 8 teams of 4 players will compete against each other, and only one team can be the best. For them there will be a price! This event will take place at Kralingse Bos on Tuesday April 24th at 15.00. Drinks + snacks are included, and participation is FREE! So compose a team and sign up in the form. Don't forget to mention the names of your groupmates in the comment box.

24 april: Maandelijkse Borrel #6 | 20:00 @ Café Stalles
Dies week or not; it's still time for a monthly drink! Nothing new: beers are €1,80, location is Stalles, fun guaranteed! Everyone is welcome, so bring all your friends and end course 6 in the right way. 

25 april: Beers on Board | 15:00 @ Utrecht Canals
With a drink in your hand navigating through the canals of Utrecht, with the sun shining and people sitting along the unique wharf cellars of the Oudegracht. Doesn’t that sound great? Join us for a boat tour along Utrecht’s most beautiful canals! We will board at the heart of the city and from there navigate through the canals while having drinks and snacks. The trip will take 1.5 hour and will have a pink theme. There is also a pink dress code. Remember, no pink, no party! It is also optional to join us for dinner afterwards. Please indicate in the Form whether or not you will join us for dinner. 

There are only limited spots available so don’t hesitate to sign up! You snooze, you lose ;) Sign up here!

26 april: Kingsnight | 18:00 @ In de Smitse
Let’s end the last day of the Diesweek in style. I hope you all have plans for Kingsday tomorrow and if you're like us, your plans for Kingsnight are going to include mostly Vitamin Beer. We’re sure we don’t have to spell it out what colour to wear today. Come join us in the Smitse for a Kings-night borrel and celebrate the end of the Diesweek and the birthday of the king!