Career Week Commissie

We hebben de nieuwe commissie samengesteld!

Wat zal de commissie doen?
With a team of six commissioners you will start in February and work towards the Career Week of December 2017. You will have a great amount of responsibility and you will have many opportunities to develop your skills. In this committee you will constantly be in contact with companies which is very useful for your own future career. Furthermore, you will learn a great many things in the area of teamwork, acquisition and representation. Altogether, you will get the opportunity to put your own mark on a big, professional event. You will also get a certificate of recognition by the Erasmus University on your diploma.

Voorzitter: Vivianne Helderman
Secretaris: Wies Keijzer
Penningmeester: Josette Voeten
Commissaris Marketing: Denise van den Oever
Commissaris Niet-Commerciƫle Relaties: Jitske Blokhuis
Commissaris Commerciƫle Relaties: Kirsten Wabeke

Bestuursbegeleider: Anouk Brunink